「 From Whale to Shark 」 Tape Dispenser Mod


I was a little late on the Christmas shopping this year because I was away for a dive trip with my sister in Similan Island and didn’t get back until the 16th. For nearly a week after the trip, I was bed bound due to a terrible stomach bug. So essentially, I bought zero gifts until the week leading up to Christmas. Which is probably as last minute as anyone can ever get.

As desperate as I was to get gifts for the people on my list, I still wanted the gifts to be meaningful and special for each one of them. And in my frantic search, lo and behold, I chanced upon this little gem in a dinky little Popular store, and I knew instantly that I HAD to get it. The Whale Dispenser was already super cute as it is, but I had plans to make it even better and for good reason.


During our dive trip we were more then slightly disappointed that we weren’t able to spot any whale sharks, so when I saw the whale dispenser, I just knew that it would be so perfect to surprise my sister with a whale shark of her own! I had to work off the floor because my desk was too dark and cramped, but Sadie made it better by keeping me company while I worked.



  • Scotch® Whale Tape Dispenser
  • Scissors
  • Paper Hole Puncher & White Vinyl Sticker OR
  • Small, Pre-Cut White Dot Stickers (Recommended)
  • Black Nail Polish


1. Cut White Vinyl Stickers into manageable sizes that allow for easy hole punching. Collect dots, cut off excess and repeat. To skip this step, buy Small Pre-cut White Dot Stickers. This will save you the hassle of having to punch them out one by one.

2. Follow outer shape of the whale and stick dots in an orderly fashion towards the back of the tail. Repeat until both sides are approximately 2/3 covered with dots.

3. Cover the front of the whale with dots, but leave a stripe of space down the middle of the tail on both the front and back. This space will allow the eyes some space to rest, and prevents the whale from looking too busy.

4. In the pictures above, Black Vinyl was used to help distinguish eyes from the spots, but because of the curved surface it did not stick very well. The fix? Paint both eyes with Black Nail Polish instead.


#02-14/15, 604 Sembawang Road
Sembawang Shopping Centre, Singapore 758459
T: +65 6465-1486


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