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I’m nearly towards the end of my pregnancy journey, and I just realized that I haven’t logged anything about it until today. I honestly did have plans to post something, and it has been in the ‘To-Do’ List for months. But somehow I just didn’t have the will power nor energy to do anything about it. Only until now did I realize that it’s dragged on for that long.

This pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest on me. Between the waves of nausea from the first trimester, and the emotional breakdowns in my second, I’m only starting to get my groove back in the third. It was somewhat to be expected that I’d suffer from antenatal depression. My emotions were hard to control even before I conceived. That coupled with crazy hormones surges while I was pregnant made things extremely tough both at home, and at work which was taking everything out of me. And sadly, the one who’s had to bear the brunt of it is none other than the poor husband.

Somehow or another we survived the first 6 crazy months, and we’re finally back on track. We just celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary together in June, and things have been looking up so far. We had a super chill stay-cation at the Oasia Hotel, courtesy of our Aunt who gave us vouchers for a night’s stay as a wedding gift.

We got upgraded to a club room, which was still a tad on the small side but was nice, clean and cozy with lots of natural lighting. It feels great to finally spend some quality time with each other free from all the daily stresses, tears & the morning sickness .

Maggie, our wedding coordinator who helped us plan our ROM 2 years ago sent me an email inviting us to celebrate our wedding anniversary with them. She even offered us a 10% discount for dining there during our wedding month. We already had plans to dine there, so her timing was more or less perfect! It’s really touching when establishments like these remember their customer’s special day. You hardly get service like this anymore!

The food there is as good as I remembered, and the place was pretty quiet so we had a leisurely lunch. The husband ordered the pork cheeks burger, and I got the Smoked Duck Taco. Unfortunately, they had a spicy kimchi salad in the taco, and not being able to handle spicy foods well, I ended up having to swap dishes with the husband.

No regrets though, because the pork cheeks were done perfectly. Soft and tender, it pairs perfectly with the sauce they serve on the side. The burger practically just melts in your mouth. From the other dish, I only got to try the duck breast that were placed at the top, but they was smoked just right and were still juicy and tender.

At the end of our meal, we were given a surprise by the wait staff who prepared a special dessert for us, and a letter that was signed by the team to thank us for celebrating our anniversary with them. They even took the time to write our names out in chocolate sauce. I’m thoroughly impressed!

Including the shakes that we had, our lunch came up to about $30 per pax before our discount. If you’re considering to dine there, I’ll say ‘Wait No More!‘. The food, ambience and service there are superb. And the prices at Skyve are reasonable too, since it would have easily cost you just as much for brunch in one of those hipster cafes.

BONUS: If you’re into photography, the glass windows let in lots of natural light. Perfect for an Insta-worthy photoshoot.

Next year when we head back we’ll have a little man joining us at our table. He’s gonna make a big mess, but we hope the crew won’t mind too much. Because we’ve decide to make it our little wedding ritual to head back there every anniversary from now on. <3


10 Winstedt Rd, Singapore 227977
T: +65 6225-6690


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