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I love fresh blooms! But I have to admit, I am very picky about how the flowers I receive are styled and presented. I absolutely CANNOT do rainbow roses or flowers that are wrapped in gaudy colored tissue paper with glitter anything. If you know me personally, you’ll know that my face evidently shows all that I’m feeling. I simply cannot like what I do not like. And have thus stayed clear of anything flower related.

In my youth, I used to think that flowers were a waste of money, as they died quickly, are expensive, and are frankly just so horribly packaged and wrapped they weren’t worth what was paid for them. I was never envious of my friends or colleagues who received 99 or 200 of those monstrosities and was frankly quite disturbed walking past while thinking of 10,671 ways to dispose of them.

And for a long time, I thought it was simply a matter of being practical and attributed it to not being a ‘flowers kinda girl’, but it turns out I was wrong. Seeing all the hand-picked blooms on Pinterest and Instagram while looking for my wedding bouquet made me realize that they can be so gorgeously beautiful too. And I totally dig it! But the cost of getting a rustic, hand-picked bouquet is so so dear, that it simply wouldn’t be feasible to gift them to someone as-and-when were it not for a special occasion.

That was until I met these beauties at A Better Florist. These flowers are definitely not your typical, cheesy grab-and-go shopping mall flower shop bouquets. THESE are carefully curated, color coordinated, handpicked flowers wrapped in rustic burlap, tied off with ribbon and twine.

They are well put together, eye-catching yet all so humble at the same time. And the best thing about it is that sending that special person one of these blooms doesn’t break the bank. All bouquets are sent with special instructions on extending the life of your blooms and are wrapped together with a pack of flower food to make sure you’re all covered on their care after receiving them. How thoughtful is that?

While working on the arrangement of my blooms in the vase, this little man wanted his hands on some too, so I handed him the hardier leaves for exploration. Tobias hasn’t quite gotten over the mouthing stage, so as much as I would have loved for him to smell and explore the textures of the different flowers, I was apprehensive about it. Seeing him mouth the leaves a couple of seconds later affirms the decision I made was correct.

If you’re looking to send blooms to cheer yourself or someone else’s day up (because cranky, bipolar-teething monster baby and God knows Mama needs some love), or for a number of various other occasions (but seriously, do you really need a reason to give a person some joy? Just send them already!); Do check out A Better Florist’s web page for same day delivery, and make someone* happy. (* That Someone is Me, Dear Husband…. Me!)


T: +65 3163 1525
FB: facebook.com/ABetterFlorist
INSTA: @ABetterFlorist

**Disclaimer: The Arla (Bouquet with the Sunflowers) were sent to me for a review. Unfortunately technology has failed me, and my memory card fizzled. So all photos seen here (minus the baby. He’s mine…) are courtesy of A Better Florist. Pity though, they really were beautiful. Urgh.

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