About Picture


AMANDA HII is an 80s child who loves Arts & Crafts and has been embracing the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ spirit throughout her life. A formal Art Student from Lasalle College of the Arts majoring in sculptural works, Amanda was constantly struggling to find the balance between craftsmanship and conceptualization. Due to artistic differences, Amanda eventually left collage after her Diploma in search of a better place where she was free to focus on her passion to create things/works that need not have deeper meanings behind them except out of pure love and cuteness.

Her tools & medium of choice has always been Scissors, Paper, Fabric and Fluff. In the years since leaving college, Amanda has been working a lot more on digital mediums which include Branding & Graphic Designs. A strong believer in continuous learning and never giving up, Amanda has been known to keep cycling through the project from beginning to end in search for a solution which delivers results that are nothing short of perfection.

When it comes to DIY and Crafting, Amanda is certainly not a purist by nature. She often finds herself modifying everyday objects to give them a personal touch even if the items themselves are not made from scratch. She believes that crafts can also be little things made with great love, and she shows it through the projects she does in the various events in her life.